Safe Word by Alex Morgan


Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60054-254-1

Reviewed by Lisa



The annual Mates Leather Festival in Provincetown is now in full swing.  Once a year all the gays in the area can be out of the closet and openly together to enjoy and explore their sexuality.

Psionic officer Corey Shaw is called in by Police Chief Richard Stewart after a male body is found with definite signs of hard core BDSM both past and at the time of his death.

Delving into the lifestyle, Corey is losing himself to deeply hidden wants and desires while his focus on the murder is becoming unclear as another body is discovered with the same M.O.  Corey must catch the killer and hold onto his own self before he lets things go too far and he can never return to the man he loves waiting for him back in Boston.

Safe Word, a dark and mid-heavy BDSM murder mystery with a paranormal twist.  Our hero, Corey Shaw has many psychic talents and author Alex Morgan turns those skills around in a way to make Corey’s own internal struggle as interesting as catching a killer.  This isn’t a love story per se other than the mention of his lover Ethan back home.  Also, the ending in Safe Word is quite abrupt.  I did however, enjoy the writing style as well as Corey and wished there had been more at the end.


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