Rush in the Dark by Lynn Lorentz

Common Powers, book 2

Loose Id

M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-765-8

Review by Ley



Falling in love was not a problem for Brian Russell, but falling in love with men worthy of him has been.  Meeting Rush Weston Brian knew instantly he was the one for him, but he also fears Rush may break his heart like no other man has.

Rush is new to relationships and giving his heart to another person.  When he spotted Brian crouching behind a garbage dumpster, he felt something towards him that he knew would not be easy to deny.

Rush in the Dark is a fantastic follow up to Soul Bonds.  I loved Brian in the prequel, and was thrilled to see he had his own book.  Brian wanted the bond his friends Mitchell and Sammi shared; he wanted someone to love unconditionally and without reservations.  Brian knew Rush was that man, and as much he wanted to be with him, Rush not being out of the closet and his crippling fear of those in his world finding out he’s gay was hindering them from finding happiness.  Rush’s fears were understandable but his treatment of Brian was very frustrating, he made me want to shake him and tell him ‘he’s about to lose the best thing that ever happened to him’.  The intimate times Rush and Brian shared where they blocked out the outside world were beautiful and sweet.  The over all story of Rush in the Dark was fantastic and I especially loved how Sammi and Mitchell from the prequel were very prominent in the sequel as well.  Fans of Lynn Lorentz and the Common Powers series will not be disappointed with Rush in the Dark.


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