Running the Nullarbor by Laney Cairo

The Liminus Australis series, Book 1

Torquere Press

Futuristic, Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-517-2

Reviewed by Lisa



In the near future large portions of Australia are on the brink of war.  Dan was once in the army but a disabling knee injury has permanently sidelined him.  These days Dan helps out by caring for orphaned or abandoned children under the guidance of the Red Cross.

A baby girl is Danís latest charge when a young man with the same pale green eyes as the baby drives up looking for his niece, Aishlinn.

When buddies warn Dan to leave the city ASAP, he agrees to accompany the stranger, Sid, and Aishlinn across the dry, unpopulated scrub called the Nullarbor to reach family.  Along the way Dan and Sid grow closer as their adventures become more dangerous.  Added to that Sid has some kind of special abilities when things get rough that makes more than just Dan interested in learning about Sid and his family.

Witty, sensual fun, Running the Nullarbor is a truly unique tale!  Running the Nullarbor is a roller coaster ride filled with surprises, mystery and two sexy guys.  A future war within Australia offers two heroes and a host of brave and devious secondary cast members along with one sweet baby girl.  But, while Dan and Sid are definitely hot for each other, the romance itself comes across as weak for the most part.  However, the overall storyline is refreshingly different making Running the Nullarbor something worth checking out and easy to enjoy.


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