Rules of Engagement by Kaitlyn O'Connor

Cyberevolution, Book 4 

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-024-5

Reviewed by Tanya



Damien and Kameron have only known war in their brief existence.  They are cyborgs and while they have evolved and are living breathing beings now, Zoe doesn’t care what they are, she just wants to make sure her sister is ok.  You see her sister was kidnapped by two of Damien and Kameron’s fellow cyborgs and now she seems to be in the awkward position of being rescued by the same men she is hunting.  She is a bit surprised that the four men are the most handsome that she has ever met, and that Damien and Kameron make her womanly parts desire to be closer to them.  The only issue is that the men have made it very clear to her that she is their enemy, especially with her police background on Earth.

The more time she spends with them and after seeing her sister, why are the men (Damien and Kameron) who were so sure that she was their enemy now trying to convince her to contract with them?  More importantly, can Zoe leave all of her previous life behind, and overcome the prejudices that have been taught to her about the cyborgs?  And if she does make the contract, what will she do as she knows she will lose her heart to them.  Are they even capable of love?

Oooh baby! If you want a story with steaming hot sex and erotic situations then Rules of Engagement is for you.  Not only does Ms. O’Connor continue to write futuristic stories that pull the reader in, but in this series she incorporates cyborgs that have learned and adapted enough they are basically a new humanoid race.  Rules of Engagement pulled me in from the start, and it is the first in this series I have read, but definitely won’t be the last.  I am now going out to search the other books that are part of the Cyberevolution Series.  Ms. O’Connor knows how to draw a reader into a story and care for her characters.  Rules of Engagement is a wonderful story that will leave you happy you purchased it, and heading out to purchase others in the series.


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