Rough Justice by Kyann Waters

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419918551

Reviewed by Tanya



Jay and Roxie have been friends for years.  In fact they have dated on and off for that entire time.  Now they are just “friends with benefits” or that is what is supposed to be happening.  But when Jay finds Roxie with Ivan Soto he isn’t sure that he doesn’t want to just have it be the two of them.

Ivan has lusted after Roxie for a number of weeks.  Ever since she first got caught speeding by him.  But, he didn’t know if she was just flirting or was really interested.  Then one night he finds it is her that has run out of gas.  So he decides to put her to a little test.  But, the test might be for him when Jay comes in and finds the two of them together.

Can the three work on a relationship?  Or will Roxie lose out on all that she really desires?

What does Ms. Waters get when she mixes two best friends (one who is a ball player and one who is a stripper) with a hot sexy male sheriff?  Well you get some spicy ménage scenes is what.  Ms. Waters does a fantastic job of taking Rough Justice from a one night stand into a caring relationship.  I found the story flowed well, led to a number of spicy encounters to leave your blood heated up and had an ending that will make anyone smile.  I think Ms. Waters “hit one out of the park”, or “got the arrest of the week” with Rough Justice.



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