Room for One More by Willa Okati

Big Enough for Five, book 2

Torquere Press

M/M Multiple Partners

ISBN: 978-1-60370-506-6

Reviewed by Ley



Visiting with the boys from Big Enough for Five, we find they no longer have the publication business, opting to move in different directions career wise.  As they separate during the day they always come back to each other in the evening showing one another why their unusual relationship of five works.  Now there is a new man who wants to be a part of what the boys share.

Street musician Rhymer has been watching the boys for a while and he has a strong attraction to each one of them especially Marcus. Not wanting to tamper with what they have the boys keep their attractions toward Rhymer to themselves. Is there a place for one more in their relationship and their hearts? Rhymer certainly hopes so.

Room For One More is just as fun and interesting as its prequel.  I enjoyed seeing what the boys were up to and the comedic relief of Baz is always entertaining.  I was let down a bit with the conclusion of the story. I felt there was this great build up, but no follow through. Iím hoping there is a third book to show how things progressed after this one concluded. Even with that bit of disappointment, Room For One More is still enjoyable with its sweet quirkiness that only Willa Okatiís unique writing style can provide.


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