Ronanís Grail by Bronwyn Green

Torrid Tarot, Six of Wands

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419913242

Reviewed by Amelia



Ronan, the bastard son of Lancelot of the Lake, is on a quest. After a last, devastating battle with Mordred, in which Arthur was mortally wounded, Merlin charges Ronan to travel forward in time and find the Grail.

Professor Morgan Foster is shocked to see a wounded man lying in the rain when she looks out the theater door. She brings him inside, and is shocked to learn heís one of Arthurís knights, brought forward in time by Merlin. Morgan is instantly attracted to Ronan, who returns her affections, but he knows he must search for the Grail. But is it closer than it seems.

Bronwyn Green puts an interesting and erotic spin on the Arthur tale with Ronan, a knight to die for. His chivalrous manner and love for Morgan made me swoon, and made me wish for my own magical knight. I loved watching him woe Morgan, who watched her father cheat on her mother, and vowed never to love. Add in a villain in the form of Mordred and you have a wonderful story.

Lovers of the Arthurian tales will not want to miss Ronanís Grail. It is a book that will warm your heart, and make you believe in magic. Morgan Foster is the sister of Gray Foster, featured in Ms. Greenís book I Put A Spell On You.


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