Rock Me by Melody Lane

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419917172

Reviewed by Jo



Ian McAllister is a British rock star currently on tour in the United States with his popular band.  For years women have thrown not only their panties at him, but also their bodies, if they could get his attention.  But lately Ian has been searching for a woman that he could wake up with every morning and go on vacation with – maybe even a woman that could be his happily ever after.  It seems that fate is listening to him when Ian is injured during a concert and taken to the hospital.

Jenny Page is a nurse in a Midwestern town who has two sides to her.  She is a practical and helpful nurse and also a rock groupie whose fantasy is to be special in her favorite rock star’s eyes – Ian McAllister.  Jenny is absolutely surprised when she gets to work only to discover that Ian is now admitted to her floor.  Nothing and no one is going to stop her from getting Ian as one of her patients.  Jenny just doesn’t realize what spending this time with Ian will lead to.

Ian and Jenny know there is potential for something between them but circumstances make it so that they can’t really explore it immediately.  But when Ian offers Jenny something she could only dream about, it appears that both of them just might get to explore their fantasies.  But something odd seems to be happening on this tour and it seems to be surrounding Ian.  Are Ian and Jenny going to find each other, only to be dragged apart by danger and misunderstandings?

Rock Me is hot and sexy but also a very fun book.  Jenny is a very good nurse and loves working with her patients, but she has another side to her that is a rock groupie to her favorite band.  Ian has what most guys would consider the perfect life, being in a top rock and roll band, travelling and most important, lots of women.  I had to giggle a few times while watching Ian and Jenny circle each other, trying to see if the other really was being serious.  I was happy for them as their relationship went from the testing phase in the beginning to the hot and spicy sex scenes as Ian and Jenny discovered what each of them wanted and needed.  Ms. Lane also added a touch of suspense that had me wondering just what was behind the “accidents.”   I loved how Ian and Jenny came together and overcame not only the danger confronting them but also things that could put a strain on their relationship.  Rock Me is just the type of book that will always lift your mood and make you happy to read – one you won’t want to miss.  I will be watching Ms. Lane’s page to see if she does any other band members stories – of course I hope she will.


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