Rock Hard by Bonnie Dee

Loose Id

Futuristic Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-777-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Despite her fatherís important position as President of the Free Worlds, Leelah has always wanted to make a difference in society.  She might be a socialite, but sheís no oneís pampered princess, which is why she doesnít appreciate Ja-hunís highhanded tactics, bodyguard or not.   Networking is an asset in the world of politics, and she doesnít like being confined to her own house.  Leelah is used to talking to everyone, and finding out what makes them tick.  Ja-hun is a brick wall with his emotions on lock down.   Sheís going to do whatever it takes to pierce his armor.

Ja-hun is determined to protect President Blaineís daughter.  So what if heís attracted to her beauty and vivaciousness?  The job comes first, and thereís no way heís going to allow Leelah to distract him.   

In all the years of living on the edge, nothing has prepared Ja-hun for a woman like Leelah.    She is the most dangerous thing to cross his path.

I want to quickly examine the description of Ja-hun in Rock Hard.  Heís described as emotionless, cold, reserved, introverted and obsessed with his work and duty.   I donít believe that the author had any intention of being offensive, not remotely.  Still, I canít help but notice that Ja-hunís characteristics could be viewed as a bit stereotypical simply because he is Asian.   You could also view it as an archetype, which is what I chose to do.  Aside from that, I liked his intensity very much and the way that Leelah is able to break down the emotional walls heís erected.  She heals him, and frees herself at the same time.  Ms. Dee does an excellent job at bringing them together, although, they are vastly different people.  Overall, I did enjoy reading this story.  Itís an original take on the-guy-from-the-school-of-hard-knocks falling for the feisty social butterfly with steel wings.    The plot is familiar but the setting is fresh, and the ending was tidy and satisfying.  If thatís not enough, thereís plenty of hot clandestine sex to keep the temperature up.   And who could say no to that?


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