Ride ‘Em Cowboy by J.P.Bowie

Total-E-Bound Publication


ISBN: 978-1-906590-83-3

Reviewed by Raine



Royce Chandler admires Parker Jones from afar, thinking him a great foreman, an excellent bronco rider and hot as hell, but a complete jerk. That is until Parker is thrown from a bronco and gets hurt. As Royce rushes to the foreman’s side a moment takes place between the men that makes Royce think there could be more there than ego after all.

J.P. Bowie writes for us two hot, smart and lovable characters in Royce and Parker. The plot is solid, but has a jump with a gap in time I would have liked to have seen some filler in simply because my inquiring mind wanted more. Overall, Ride ‘Em Cowboy is an excellent M/M romance and one I would suggest to any M/M genre reader. 


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