Revelation by Patrice Michelle

Scions, Book 3

Silhouette Nocturne # 53

Sensual Paranormal

ISBN: 978-0-373-61800-2

Reviewed by Nannette



Although werewolf Caine Grennard is a part of a pack, he walks alone. Caine thinks he is a danger to those around him.  Emma Gray has always been a little different than everyone else. Her sense of smell is unusually strong. One scent has enticed her into the club across from the coffee shop she works in. It belongs to Caine. Caine is mysterious and enigmatic and totally out of her league. However, when Emma’s elderly aunt is kidnapped, Caine may be the only one who can help her though. Emma is about to enter uncharted territory for her and she’s about to learn a few things that will change her life. Caine is drawn to Emma like no other but with no future ahead of him he’ll have to leave her once he helps her.

Revelation tells the story of Caine and Emma’s seemingly impossible love. They come from different backgrounds, they have different expectations on them, and Emma’s got a lot on her plate. When some pretty exceptional things are thrust in her lap, she shines, though. Just when it seems things are hopeless between them, change comes again. Caine is torn between what his heart wants and what he thinks he has to do. Emma is strong. She rises above the challenges before her. They make a powerful couple. Revelation is a great love story with lots of action and drama.


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