Restless by Tori Carrington

Indecent Proposals, Book 3

Harlequin Ė Blaze


ISBN: 978-0373794430

Reviewed by Tanya



Gauge left town after almost costing the two people he cares most for in the world (Nina and Kevin) their fledgling love and relationship, all over a misunderstanding about one night of secrets that went too far.  But, he comes back for their wedding and decides to stay.  While he still loves Nina he has been back in town for a number of months.  He is staying away from their joint business concentrating on his music. 

When his straight-laced landlord Lizzie approaches him for some naughty holiday happenings he is all for it.  This is what he knows best one-night stands are his specialty. The problem is, once doesnít seem to be enough for this pair.  What will happen if someone starts to care for Gauge? Can he handle it or will his demons push him away?

Lizzie canít believe that she canít get enough of this footloose musician with a checkered past.  But, this Christmas she has decided to have a little fun, especially with her parents threatening to divorce and her jerk of an ex-boyfriend dumping her for the second time with a text message this time.  When spending time together seems to take on more of a sharing and bonding time Lizzie rethinks her views on what she really wants in the future.

Restless by Tori Carrington shows that this dynamic writing duo can take even the most troubled and heartless character and make him loved by all.  Additionally, it helps to highlight that your best match in love might be just outside of your comfort zone.  The authors did another great job in wrapping up a series by finally giving Gauge his happy ending.  Restless has a great match in Lizzie and Gauge.  Additionally, it gives the reader the opportunity to see the character of Gauge grow up and finally accept what is really in his heart and soul.  Restless is another winner for the writing duo.  I thoroughly enjoyed Restless and think you will to, especially in front of a fire with your beverage of choice.


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