Rescued by Love by Deirdre O’Dare

Canine Cupid

Amber Allure

Amber Quill Press

Gay / Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-60272-291-0

Reviewed by Cassie



After losing his parents and then his siblings in two terrible events, Garrett Turner is devastated.  When he adopts a puppy, he slowly begins to live again.  Then he gets the idea of training with his dog, Mandy, to become a search-and-rescue team.  Making a difference makes him happy; especially when after a terrible storm he and Mandy find a man in the wreckage.

Dan Boudreaux is traveling aimlessly, trying to get over the horrors he saw in Iraq, when a storm comes up.  He is trapped under the remains of an old barn until Garrett and his dog find him.  Afterward, his arm and leg in awkward casts, he’s not sure what to do.  Will Garrett’s offer of a place to stay turn out to be just what they both need to heal fully at last?

Rescued by Love was a sweet tale of the healing power of love that was good, but could have been great.  It was easy to sympathize with Garrett, who’d lost his family so tragically.  I also sympathized with Dan, whose memories of friends lost in Iraq were very sad.  Mandy the rescue dog was a neat addition to the story.  I liked how caring Garrett was as he helped Dan deal with his casts and limited mobility.  The problem I had with Rescued by Love is that it felt rushed.  Some events were skimmed over.  The characters and their sorrows were not as developed as I would have liked.  The end result was a story that I enjoyed, but at the same time was frustrated by.  Readers who like stories of unexpected love helping people heal (as I do), or who like animals, will probably enjoy Rescued by Love


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