ReneCade by Cameron Dane

Loose Id

M/M Contemporary Western

ISBN: 978-1-59632-645-3

Reviewed by Ley



Cade McKenna vowed to never have feelings, as they were too much to bear; he has the scarred face and the broken spirit to keep him from revealing his feeling for another man ever again. The consequences of acknowledging such prove it.  Now a deputy in Quentin, Montana, Cade lives a quiet life keeping himself busy doing his job and doing it well, but also making sure not to get to close to anyone.  Ren Boone, the sheriffís son is a threat to Cadeís plan to be left alone.  Renís very presence stirs feelings and emotions in Cade that he knows will only cause him harm.

Renís life is quite complicated as well, he knows heís gay but he canít find the courage to tell his father whom he knows loves him more than anything.  His childhood crush on his best friend has led him to allow his friend liberties that Ren knows is not a healthy situation to be in, and now the feelings heís developing for the new town deputy is sending him into a tailspin.  On top of all that, someone has been tampering with his work, an ecological project that is dear to him, and to help find the culprit Ren needs to work closely with Deputy Cade.

The two men begin a turbulent relationship that has them both very unsure of where they stand with the other.

ReneCade is sweet and extremely emotional. Cade is a lost puppy I just want to hold and protect, and Ren is a sweet young guy with a heart of gold but heís not very good on rational thinking and decision-making when it comes to matters of the heart.  The connection between these two is so strong, their sexual want of each other is primal and the love between them is very fragile, but so very sweet - when they finally admit to it.  What their relationship lacks is communication and trust.  Ren found it difficult to get Cade to open up to him and Cade had trouble trusting Ren and with good reason. It was obvious to those around them these two were meant to be, but they had to realize it on their own.  ReneCade is an absorbing story.  On top of the rollercoaster romance of Cade and Ren, thereís also a mystery to solve that has a very surprising outcome.  Thereís Rissaís pursuit of Sheriff Duke Boone that was not having the outcome Rissa wanted and we canít forget the Hawkins brothers, Connor, Cain and Caleb.  One person who stood out for me aside from Cade and Ren is Jasper.  His appearance in ReneCade is brief but he made such impression on me that I hope very much to see him again in Cameron Daneís next sequel.


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