Red Skirt, Cool Fountain by Anne Douglas

Loose Id

Multicultural Polyamorous

ISBN: 978-1-59632-619-4

Reviewed by Willow



Ian and Sanjay have been friends for most of their lives. They are complete opposites but they complement and balance one another. They also share women, with Ian the first to move in, and Sanjay content to watch until later on. But they both realize that something is missing in their lives and neither can quite put a finger on what it is.

Until the day they see her.

Samantha seems so carefree and spontaneous as she frolics with the daycare children around the fountain in the square. Ian and Jay know she is what has been missing in their lives. Will she accept them both in her life and in her bed? Is she the right person for them?

There is such a feeling of longing to the beginning of Red Skirt, Cool Fountain. One of Ianís goals in life is to make Jay see that he is worth so much more than he believes he is. Fortunately, he has an ally in Samantha. The care the two of them take with Sanjay is what makes it all so good to read. The love and affection the three characters feel for each other left me smiling when I left them.


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