Red Fire by Deidre Knight

Gods of Midnight, Book 1

Signet Eclipse


ISBN: 9780451225382

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Ajax Petrakos and his fellow band of Spartan warriors are immortal. Over two thousand years ago Ajax and his band of soldiers fell in battle at Thermopylae along with their king.  Instead of continuing on to paradise, they were given a choice by Ares, the war god himself -- they could lay down their arms and go to Elysium or they could accept a drink from the River Styx and become immortal protectors of mankind.  Ajax and his men were willing to follow their king anywhere and so they drank…and became immortal…and defenders of ancient prophecy.

Centuries later, Ajax has just about given up.  Tired of the battles he is almost ready to give up and somehow find a way out of his immortality.  The only thing keeping him going is the fact that he has a mate somewhere in the world.  She is his, foretold by the ancients.  All he has to do is find her – and find her he does, thanks to his king’s oracle.  Coming into her presence in a cemetery amongst demons and spawns of hell, Ajax has to fight for his mate.  It seems that Shay Angel is the youngest member of a family that hunts demons. Her status as his mate and a demon hunter to boot makes her the prime target of Ajax’s worst enemy.  If they fail in their quest to solve the prophecy given to Ajax, he could die, and that is something Shay is not willing to accept.

With Red Fire, Deidre Knight has taken the last battle of the mighty Spartan 300 and woven a timeless tale of prophecy and immortality.  Ajax is a mighty warrior and is loyal to his king.  That doesn’t stop him from becoming tired of his inability to die and so he often is not the best of warriors.  Women, drinking, and lack of motivation often plague Ajax and the only thing keeping him sane is his foretold mate, Shay Angel.  His immediate love and tenderness for her was boldly played out in a demon battle of intense magnitude.  Their relationship was complicated enough, but add in their inability to deny their passion for each other and I was hooked.

A fascinating new series, a magnificent first installment, and the writing of Deidre Knight.  A reader couldn’t ask for anything more! Run and grab Red Fire.  I couldn’t put it down!


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