Red and the Wolf by Evangeline Anderson

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419918810

Reviewed by Tanya



Sara Jensen has always been the odd girl out.  But, it never seemed to matter when her brother was there with her and his best friend Reeve.  Sara has loved Reeve from afar for years.  Then when Reeve and her brother joined the army together, she is left on her own.  She ends up studying and learning more about the herbs she loves and takes on witchcraft and healing as a profession.

When her brother dies overseas, she is upset but in a way she is more upset by the fact that Reeve has not sought her out at all since he has come back, in fact he seems to be avoiding her.  But she might not be the issue, as she finds out when pursued by a wolf of Samhain.  The wolf is a bit familiar.

Now Sara has a dilemma to help Reeve out she accidentally puts a fidelity spell on him.  How will she ever know if he really loves her, when she cures him of his curse, or if it is due to the spell?  What is a girl to do?

Red and the Wolf was a wonderful story centered on curses, Samhain (Halloween) and what someone will do for love.  I loved Ms. Anderson’s writing and heartfelt characters, as well as the touch of paranormal.  Especially, what you do about a shifter, who does not want to be a shifter.  In Red and the Wolf you are able to see the premise of "if you love someone enough you will let them go" with a twist.  And what happens when they don't want to go.  I thoroughly enjoyed Red and the Wolf and think if you like a non-traditional shapeshifter story you will also.


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