Reckoning by Aubrey Ross

Spaceport series, Multi Authors

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-934-7

Reviewed by Lisa



The House of Jabulayni has bankrupted Devaunt and its people.  In an effort to turn things around Princess Rana has agreed to marry King Vega of Seronite who will give economic aid to Empress Bakula, Rana’s mother and their subjects.

At one time the House of Torral ruled the people of Devaunt but a violent coup killed the family or so everyone believed.  Vihlok Torral owes his life to best friend Fibros Jivan who managed to rescue the thirteen year old while assassins were murdering his parents and older brother in their sleep.

Nowadays the two men live on the fringe of right and wrong for the most part taking jobs as they can and calling Spaceport Adana home base.  Lots of creds and the job of a lifetime bring Vik and Rana face to face for the first time.  Princess Rana has her own reasons to disappear; Vik has reasons to make her disappear.  Past history and present needs will tie them together or tear them apart forever.

Reckoning is another sure fire crowd pleaser in the long standing Spaceport Adana series.  A character driven tale with a sincere, sexy siren who’s mixed up with an honest, lusty brigand culminating in fireworks.  Reckoning is jammed packed with scorching hot encounters between M/F, M/M/F and some M/M.  The storyline is adventurous and fun but I do wish that the exciting climax hadn’t seemed so rushed considering how well the entire plot had been laid out.  Nonetheless, Reckoning is a welcome addition everyone will enjoy.


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