Rampant by Eric Del Carlo

Loose Id

Gay / Fantasy

ISBN:  978-1-59632-705-4

Reviewed by Cassie



Wyst is content living his simple life in Village.  Then he has a close encounter with Villageís goddess, the Hex, who gives him a mark and a cryptic message.  Knowing that meeting the Hex is forbidden, Wyst hides his Stain at first.  When his deception is revealed, he must choose banishment or death.

Banished, Wyst travels to City.  There he meets an exterminator, Gȃmomal, and tries to begin a new life.  When a plague strikes, echoing the words of the Hex, can Wyst fulfill his destiny?

Rampant is a fascinating fantasy tale.  Wyst begins the story as a sheltered, naÔve man and becomes more worldly during his time in City.  He also becomes a more sympathetic character as he begins to understand peopleóand himselfómore.  Gȃmomal is not as well-developed because while the story isnít in first person, it is limited to Wystís point of view.  Other secondary characters add interest and help Wyst in many different ways, some unintentionally.  The world-building is very well done.  The two societies of Village and City are distinct, and their different customs and environments are richly detailed.  Although, I initially wondered if I would like Rampant, by the end of the book I found myself unable to stop reading.  While I would have liked to have seen things through Gȃmomalís eyes a bit and the wistful and realistic ending had me wanting a few more pages, overall I found Rampant an engaging read.  I just might have to see what else Eric Del Carlo has out there. 


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