Pulse by Angela Fiddler

MLR Press

Gay / Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-934531-41-9

Reviewed by Cassie



Police officer Chris Cunningham is astonished when he finds the young man whoís been starring in many of his erotic dreams lately at the scene of a crime heís investigating.  The young man, Gregory, is standoffish toward him, but he knows Gregory recognizes him.  As he investigates further, he finds that Gregory is on the run from an evangelist that seems to have more power over his followers than anyone should. 

Gregory is hesitant to trust Chris when he finds out Chris is a cop, but heís desperate.  Heís been hiding from Brantley Jones and his thugs for a while now, and he can feel the manís power growing.  He begins to trust Chris, but is it too late for them to save themselves, and everyone else, from a power-hungry madman?

Iím not really sure how to describe Pulse.  The faint of heart should consider carefully before reading it.  Pulse is a dark book, with a lot of horror aspects.  There is violence, death, and even a hint of torture.  Horror fans or those who arenít bothered by that sort of thing will find a lot to like here, however.  Chris is a strong character, determined to protect Gregory and solve the mystery no matter what it takes.  Gregory is alternately tough and vulnerable.  He has abilities most people donít have, but after his experiences with Brantley he has trouble trusting.  Brantleyís abilities are horrific.  Each new demonstration of his power adds to the tense atmosphere of Pulse.  The conflict and action keep ratcheting up as the story continues, leading to an explosive climax.  Pulse isnít perfect.  There were a few parts when I was scratching my head in confusion or was unable to suspend disbelief.  The aftermath of the climax rang a bit hollow.  Overall, however, Angela Fiddler did a great job of creating a suspenseful, truly horrifying story that kept me reading on to see what would happen next. 


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