Public Displays of Affection

by Leannan Mac Llyr


Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419918674

Reviewed by Tanya



Lacey has been in love with Andy for a long time.  Though they just seem to be more than friends it also feels to Lacey that she is being kept a secret.  She is upset by the fact he doesnít even seem to want to hold her hand in public and they never seem to have set dates.  But, every time she sees him all thought goes out of her mind.  So when he gives her an amazing opal ring she decides to finally have her say.  She starts by seducing him in a rather pubic place.  But, she still doubts he will ever publicly acknowledge her.

When she confronts him about this he is stunned.  But, will he act on this?  Or is she right?

What an interesting concept of a relationship is the first thought that comes to mind when I think of Public Displays of Affection.  The next thought is that I could easily see how easy it could be to become caught up as Lacey was in thinking that Adam didn't really want to officially "date" her.  Ms. Mac Llyr did a fantastic job setting the stage for Public Displays of Affection as well as letting her knowledge of New Orleans show through.  I found Lacey and Adamís interactions to be so spicy hot I am not sure how my Blackberry didn't burst into flames.  The thing to think about is did the opal ring really work its magic or was the timing right to have the two finally share their feelings? Public Displays of Affection was a super fast-paced read and one that was very enjoyable.  I like Ms. Mac Llyr's writing style and think you too will be pulled into this tale.


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