Promise Me Forever by Rebecca Goings

Champagne Books


ISBN: 1897261519

Reviewed by Ley



Jason was everything to Emily.  When he died leaving her a widow and alone to raise their three children, she never thought she would ever be able to give her heart to another man.  Her friends tried fixing her up on dates but she really wasnít ready to move on until she met David, but David didnít want kids.

David swore he would be a bachelor for life because marriage and kids were something he did not want.  Meeting Emily he knew she came as a package and knowing he could not give her what she wanted he offered friendship instead.  As they got to know each other both of them realized friendship would not be enough.

Promise Me Forever is a sweet and beautiful story.  I really liked David, he was honest with Emily from the start and he sincerely wanted to be her friend as well as her lover.  Emily was likable too but she was way to weepy.  She had cause to be at times, but she cried over everything.  I absolutely adored her children, especially Melissa.  I love that the story wrapped up with no doubt in the readers mind as to how things will wok out for Emily and David. Promise Me Forever is a feel good romantic story that I really enjoyed reading.


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