Primal Pursuit by Rebecca Airies

Primal Quest, sequel

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419918827

Reviewed by Lisa



Searching various worlds with the idea of starting a new colony, Tara Sedai and her four companions arrive on Deral.  The women are Indiri, healers who use the gifts within themselves for the benefit of those who need their skills.

On a mission for his people Achan Zaden Felinian and two of his men are waiting their turn to use the gate when suddenly Zaden smells an unmistakable scent.  It is the scent of his one and only mate.

Unfortunately, before Zaden can react and confront the owner it is completely gone.  As a shifter Zaden knows the scent signifies his mate and immediately follows the scent to Deral where he encounters Tara.  Zaden realizes that they are destined to be together but it will take much more to convince Tara that she belongs with a shifter, much more.

Primal Pursuit showcases a truly dominant male and a headstrong female in this lusty, intense tale.  Zaden is the epitome of an alpha who never gives an inch in his mastery over his mate, Tara who is as unyielding in her own way.  When the two arenít butting heads they are engaged in scorching hot sexual encounters.  I had a very hard time liking Zaden because heís so controlling.  It seems as though Tara is never given a choice in any situation that arises.  Also, there doesnít seem to be an ounce of tenderness in this alpha at any time making it even harder to appreciate him but, he is never cruel to Tara. For those who enjoy an alpha who overwhelms their mate, Primal Pursuit is just the ticket.


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