Price of Passion by Aubrey Ross

Price of Pleasure, Book 3

Changeling Press LLC

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-740-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Treena Morena is a young woman who has lived by her wits and beauty since she was a teenager. Lately however, Treena’s wits have been too slow. Her ex dumps her at a backwater, Puritan style colony before she realizes what’s happened.

Brothers Bluz and Jazz Averel captain the starship Chrysalis as privateers for the Sabrotine Federation.  For the next five years, at least, they must lay low and most definitely behave or end up at a penal colony because of previous bad judgment and shady deals.

The phrase right place, right time rings true when Treena is saved by Jazz from an angry mob bent on drowning her as a witch.  Sparks fly between the three as psychological scars from the past shatter and feelings of lust grow to something more.  There may just be a future for Treena with Bluz and Jazz if the Bastard, otherwise called Commander Arrik McGuire, is willing to forget his future plans for Treena and leave the brothers alive.

The Price of Pleasure is a fast paced, fun read for anyone who loves an exciting, erotic damsel in distress story.  I thought the characters were hot, the plot was solid, the sex absolutely sizzles and a few surprises made it extremely enjoyable to read.  Author Aubrey Ross writes a captivating tale with drool worthy hero’s, spunky heroines and loads of lust!


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