Price of a Tattooed Soul by Vivien Dean

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN:  1-59578-321-0

Reviewed by Raine



Every year on her birthday, at exactly 4:11 PM, since her eighteenth birthda,y a music box arrives from an unknown source.  This year’s music box will make the thirteenth and Lydia hopes, like all prior years, that there is something with the gift that will tell her whom it is from.

Only this birthday is different, Lydia does find out from whom the music boxes are from. Lydia is whirled back through time to meet their maker, Del. Not knowing what has happened or how, Lydia is wary of this mysterious man who wields magic. But as time passes Lydia, her limited time weighs heavily on her and the man she is coming to love.

Del represents darkness and light alike. While he has a heart the size of Montana and would do anything for his friends, he has also dealt out some less than pure punishments in his time. Lydia, who is loyal and true, comes to love Del taking the good with the bad; something Del has a hard time comprehending. Del and Lydia are exceptionally detailed characters penned into an intricate storyline that entwines hardship, magic and love together into one spectacular story. Price of a Tattooed Soul is a have-to-read tale for all the fantasy readers out there.


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