Prey by Melina Morel

Signet Eclipse


ISBN-10: 0451225414

ISBN-13: 978-0451225412

Reviewed by Jo



Vivian Roussel is a Werecat, but in her clan she is a very special one as she is a direct descendant of a highly regarded goddess.  As a matter of fact, Vivian is sometimes described as a demigoddess herself.   In day-to-day life, Vivian runs an antique store with her brother, one that for some reason has attracted a lot of unwanted attention.  Trying to figure out why and to beef up the security, Vivian agrees to get a new security team that does more than just put security into place.  Maybe now they can figure out what is behind the sudden attraction the shop, Vivian and her brother have gotten.

Pavel Federov is a surveillance expert who runs his own firm.  Pavel is a Russian Blue Werecat who can pick and choose which assignments to take.  When he is contacted concerning the problems with Vivian and her shop, Pavel agrees to talk because they are a reference from a very good client.  Something is seriously off with the breakins and the surveillance that seems to be happening, but Pavel canít seem to put his finger on what is behind it because nothing can be pointed at as the cause.

The attraction that Pavel and Vivian experience is unexpected because all clans have a taboo about mating with Werecats out of your own clan.  That just doesnít seem to matter to either Vivian or Pavel the more they learn about each other.   That is background to the danger that is discovered when Vivianís brother discovers an historical idol.  Now, the what is known and so Pavel, Vivian and others just have to discover the who, how and why.  Inter clan problems with both Pavel and Vivianís clans seem to be happening at the same time Ė is this just a coincidence or can this also somehow be involved?

Clans of Werecats, ancient religious idols, death and passion are some words to what can be found in Prey.  Vivian has always taken her responsibilities in the clan seriously, but she has also made sure to keep those decisions that are hers alone to make.  Pavel immigrated to New York after suffering a major loss and now he runs a security company.  Pavel and Vivian are brought together by danger and a stolen idol.  It will take both passion and determination to put things the way they should be and keep them together.  I was intrigued with all the very intricate subplots that were going on at the same time.  Vivian and Pavel know what they want and are going to make sure they fight for it.  The intense feelings that both felt not only for the other but also for their clans and just their strong core of what was right and wrong was enough to keep me wanting to know what was next.  As I said in the beginning, Prey has everything a good who-done-it should have and to top it off there is a happy ending that will let you purr.


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