Precious Ache by Amanda Young

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-359-7

Reviewed by Ley



Dave Blanchard learned early in life he could only rely on himself.  Orphaned and raised in foster homes heís always been a loner, and being over seven feet tall added to his insecurities.  Although he never had difficulty finding sex only partners, Dave longed for a real relationship with someone he can love and will return that love.  Dave tried online dating with not much success.  When he least expected Dave found something else his life was missing, a friend.

Micah Black shared a foster home with Dave when they were younger.  Dave always liked Micah as more than a friend growing up, but Dave vowed to keep those feelings in check as he and Micah rebuild their friendship.  When faced with almost losing Micah, Dave can no longer hide his feelings.  Once his true feelings are revealed will Dave lose his new best friend, or will their relationship become everything Dave have been wishing it to be?

Precious Ache is a sweet story.  Dave is a gentle giant.  I felt his loneliness and his need to have someone to just share company with.  Micah was indeed a great fit for him; he easily welcomed Dave into his world and introduced him to his friends.  Micah brought Dave out of his self-inflicted isolation.  I liked how they built a friendship and a great foundation for a relationship.  As much as I liked the story, I still felt it could have been a lot better.  The writing style seemed a lot different from what Iím used to from Amanda Young.  It didnít flow as smoothly as other stories Iíve read from her have.  But all in all Precious Ache is a happy story with wonderful characters and I liked it a lot.


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