Postcards from the Dead by Ericka Scott


Cobblestone Press


ISBN:  978-1-60088-175-6

Reviewed by Jambrea



Cassandra Moore has a problem.  The dead people in the morgue where she works are sending her postcards.  Postcards that seem to help the grieving relatives.

Drew Brinkman is a skeptic journalist who is given the task of writing about the ghosts of San Josue for Halloween.  He wants to give it a twist to help further his career and what better place to start then a morgue with postcards from the dead.

Postcards from the Dead is a wonderfully eerie tale.  Cassandra doesnít know what to do about these postcards, the only thing she can do is pass them along and hope they help.  Drew just wants a story, but comes out with so much more.  Drew is just what Cassandra needs to help her deal with her past in order to have a future and Iím glad these two come together for this Halloween tale of mystery.  I hope Ericka Scott has more wonderful tales to offer because I will be on the look out for them. 


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