Possessed by the Highlander by Terri Brisbin

Harlequin Medieval


ISBN: 978-0373-295104

Reviewed by Tanya



Marian Robertson is known as the “Robertson Harlot”, and while it is a name that she doesn’t deserve, she also doesn’t do anything about people calling her it either.  She does it all to save the life of a child.

Duncan “The Peacemaker of the MacLerie Clan” is drawn to the beauty that he finds in distress while scouting the route to his next assignment.  He never thinks that the woman he sees could be the one called the “Robertson Harlot”.  He is further stunned when he is negotiated (tricked) into marrying her to keep his peace deal intact.  But, what will he do when he learns that not all is as he believed about Marian.  More than that what will happen when they fall in love, though others will try and keep them apart?

What a fantastic concept.  What one will do for family love and the love of an innocent child?  Also what duty and clan loyalty would do to a family?  There is more than meets the eye, or in this case the “ruined” lady, when meeting Marian Robertson as well as her clan Chief brother.  I found Possessed by the Highlander made me take a moment or two to think how far I would go for family and if I could withstand all the rumors and shunning.  I found the overall story to be a bit of a twist on the classic tale of family loyalty and arranged marriages.  I also found that I wanted to smack Duncan a time to two, but that might have just been me.  Possessed by the Highlander is definitely worth the time it takes to thoroughly enjoy the story.  I think Terri Brisbin has some new and fresh ideas for this genre.


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