Poison by Joely Skye

Samhain Publishing

M/M Sci Fi

ISBN: 1-59998-531-4

Reviewed by Ley



Much to his motherís dismay, Tobias Smator is not interested in becoming the next Lord, heís happy to leave that privilege to his cousins.  But someone wants it badly, badly enough to kill for it, as Tobias found out first hand when he was poisoned and his cousin Serge was knifed to death.  Saved by Geln Marac, Tobias finds himself drawn to the stranger who saved his life, wanting to know more about him.

Arel, alias Geln Marac is on his first undercover assignment.  The magnitude of the assignment eluded his scope, at first, when he finds himself a hero and a suspect in a murder plot.  To keep the Alliance he works for safe Geln Marac resorts to temporary memory loss leaving himself an amnesiac, and needing to trust in Tobias for both their safety.

Poison is a multifaceted Sci-Fi story.  Itís a very involving and one that I couldnít put down until I completed it.  This story incorporates a lot more than romance. There are rules of society that are obeyed and how one set of people is held superior even in a future society.  Joely Skye has great talent for writing Sci-Fi and mixing it with an interesting romance of two men who need each other for survival and not just sex.  Sci-Fi lovers and Joely Skye fans will not be disappointed with this story, in fact it will leave them wanting more.



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