Plugs by Julia Talbot, Mike Shade and Rob Knight

Toy Box Series

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

Reviewed by Lisa



‘The Spice of Life’ by Julia Talbot

A recent trip to the local sex shop has Brian dying to try out a plug with a red jewel on the end.  Brian is sure that his lover Colin will look totally hot wearing the plug.  Now if Brian can just convince Colin to try it out instead of Colin tossing it aside.  It would be a shame to waste it after all.

Lighthearted and very sexy, The Spice of Life is what makes life interesting in bed and out!  Solid characters and a fun plot make The Spice of Life a winner.


‘Song and Sculpture’ by Mike Shade

Richard, the sculptor, and Dave, the songwriter, each bring their particular talents to their relationship and their bed.  Richie has made a very special plug for Dave to enjoy.  Nothing like something homemade by your lover to add to the pleasure, seriously!

The heat and arousal practically leap off the pages in Song and Sculpture.  Dave has songwriter’s block and Richie most definitely has a very inventive way to help, a way that is sure to please readers as well.


‘Performance Art’ by Rob Knight

Thom is hired to do a solo sexual performance for a mystery client.  At his third visit things really get heated, in fact scorching hot. Thom makes the evening memorable for both of them with items, including a plug left in a box for Thom to use from the client.

Unquestionably unique, Performance Art is certainly one of a kind.  The description of the performance, the characterizations and the special plot culminate in a carnal treat.  Enjoy!

There is something for everyone in Toy Box: Plugs with a sizzling hot marathon of M/M love.  The cast of multi-talented authors prove once again that they are at the top of the writing game.  I’m only sorry that the stories aren’t longer, much longer.  Don’t let Toy Box: Plugs pass you by. They are decadent, sexy and fun to read.


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