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Pleasure U by Carole Hart

NAL Trade

Contemporary Erotica

ISBN: 9780451224132

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lila thought that being engaged meant fidelity; she didnít plan on being with anyone else, thatís for sure.  Tad, her cheating fiancť evidently didnít have a dictionary in which to look up the meaning of fidelity and so he cheated with a stripper.  Her engagement ended, mortified, and now possessing low self-esteem, Lila sets off for the Babylona Institute.  A top secret Ďuniversityí that engages its students in the art of sex and sensuality.  Instructors are there every step of the way to help you reach your fullest potential and as such, are hands off.  Lila foregets about that part and pretty much doesnít care. Her advisor, Ben, is everything she knew she ever wanted and more that she didnít.

Pleasure U by Carole Hart is a highly erotic look at all aspects of human sexuality.  Playtime, bath time, parties, orgies.  Everything is covered at Babylona Institute.  As a reader, I need more however. I need the hero and heroine to be the most important people in each otherís lives and when that doesnít happen, I get grumpy.  It took Ben and Lila a bit to adjust and I dreaded even finishing Pleasure U without their love story culminating into a lifetime fairy tale. Lila had been burned and was scared to death. Ben was an instructor and to have a relationship with a Babylona student was frowned up.  Ben and Lila found ways around that rule I am happy to say and in furthering Lilaís sexual education, she and Ben found the love each needed.  Pleasure U is scorching hot and erotic.  I even blushed at times!


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