Playing for Real by Madison Blake

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary, Menage a trois or More,Gay

ISBN: 9781419918544

Reviewed by Jo



Shelli Madison has always thought of her two best friends as just that and they have spent several fun nights having dinners, watching movies and so on.  Until Shelli has to bribe them into helping her out by being her dates for the company office party.  Shelli is just trying to save herself from unwanted advances from someone she works with, but is she going to get what she wants or more?

Ethan and Adrian have been together for several years and they value their friendship with Shelli.  Not wanting to place her in a bad place, both caved when she asked one or both of them to accompany her to the party.  Ethan and Adrian have had thoughts about maybe finding someone who will add to the passion they already have.  That one night shows them that Shelli is just that person.  Now how to get her to acknowledge this new development and agree?

Shelli is suddenly finding herself in very interesting circumstances with Ethan and Adrian.  Just what is going on and why is she getting so hot around them these days?  Ethan and Adrian have decided to put it all on the line and see if this is the beginning of a new relationship for them all.  The how will have you smiling and looking for water.

What happens when you have three people who think they know what each other is thinking?  I found out in Playing for Real as I watched Ethan and Adrian make their choice and then work at showing Shelli.  Shelli is trying to protect herself at the office party and knows if either Ethan or Adrian will go with her, all should be fine.  Ethan and Adrian both end up agreeing to be Shelli’s date, what a surprise when they see a different Shelli from what they know as their best friend.  All three are sexy and hot in their own right and the passion between Ethan and Adrian leaps off the pages.  I had to laugh when Shelli started doubting herself and while Ethan and Adrian worked so hard to show her how they felt.  I do have to say that there is one child’s game I will never look at the same after reading Playing for Real.  Watching best friends develop a new, exciting and hot relationship made Playing for Real a wonderful reading experience.


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