Physical Therapy by Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley Series, Book 5


M/M Contemporary Ménage à trois

ISBN: 978-1-906590-57-4

Reviewed by Ley



Sam Brown and Isaac Singer have been a couple for over twenty-five years.  As young doctors fresh out of school, they moved to Cattle Valley and started a Medical Clinic.  When they opened their practice to include physical therapist Matt Jeffries, they never dreamed they would be opening their hearts, bed and relationship to him as well.

Matt Jeffries had not been home from serving in Iraq for very long before taking the job to move to Cattle Valley.  Meeting Isaac and Sam, he never expected the strong attraction he felt for the two men, and never in his wildest dream did he expect them to feel the same way about him.  But before Matt could allow himself to even imagine a future with the two doctors he has to come to terms with his past and all that he lost in Iraq.

Physical Therapy is the fifth installment in the Cattle Valley series and I felt it disappoints in the romance department.  I thought the side story of Matt dealing with tragic events and memories that plague him from his tour in Iraq was interesting and emotionally moving, but the threesome of Sam, Isaac and Matt was definitely lacking.  It came across as more of a friendly companionship, or a convenience more than romantic.  This could be because Isaac and Sam were older, but then that has me wondering if this relationship will be enough for Matt.   This is my least favorite of the series but as a follower of the series I suggest reading Physical Therapy as a segue to the next installment.


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