Perfect Fit by Anah Crow

Torquere Press

Contemporary Erotic F/F

Reviewed by Emily



Sam has her hands full when her roommate’s little sister, Rose, shows up on their doorstep, her nose red and mouth puffy from crying.  Rose’s boyfriend dumped her, and she feels hurt and broken.  Sam can’t turn her away, even if she isn’t very good at mending broken hearts, but as a doctor she knows she can provide some comfort.  Sam is a “big dyke” and Rose is a pretty “girly-girl,” just the type of girl that Sam always had a crush on in school.  When Sam suggests that Rose needs to have a fling with a friend she can trust to get over her troubles, Rose surprises Sam with her choice.

Perfect Fit is a fabulous story that is intensely erotic and amazingly sensual.  Sam and Rose are both wonderful characters that I connected with from the very beginning.  The interactions between them are both realistic and beautifully written, with a level of detail that is refreshing.  This was a fun story, and I was left with a smile on my face and craving more about these women.  Perfect Fit is one of the best examples of lesbian erotic fiction I have ever read and I highly recommend it for all readers!


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