Perfect Cadence by Nikki Soarde

Ellora’s Cave

M/M/F Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419916397

Reviewed by Ley



Maddie is Josh’s best friend.  The best thing his parents ever did was hire Maddie, a classically trained musician, to be Josh’s guitar teacher.  They formed a special bond that lasted years.  Over those years, Josh found himself falling in love with Maddie, but Maddie would never cross the line of friendship with him even though she secretly wanted too.  Josh never wanted any woman as much as he wanted Maddie, and the thought of being with a man never crossed his mind until he met Dawson Kidd the newest member of his up and coming rock band.

Opening up to his feelings for Dawson and allowing him into his life ironically opened the door to a new relationship between him and Maddie as well.

Perfect Cadence is quite good.  It’s an interesting story with some surprising dramatic twists.  Although I felt Josh and Dawson’s relationship evolved much to quickly, I still liked the story a lot and thought Nikki Soarde did a great job with the characters.  I especially adored Ash, Maddie’s son, he is a sweet, precocious little boy who totally hero-worships Josh and Dawson.  I think readers will find many things to like about Perfect Cadence.  


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