Paws to Heal by Lena Austin

Heat Stroke, Book 15

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-60521-019-3

Reviewed by Jo



Everything hinges on the challenge between were-wolf Duke and were-dog Eduardo.  The weres are supposed to be fighting for their own mate, a were-dog named Katriena but the reasons goes much deeper than that.

The three had been lovers in college, but time, circumstances and the presumed superiority of the wolves had broken the trio apart.  Now they need to decide to put the past behind them and cherish the future or ruin any chance of peace, permanently.

Fast paced and light, Paws to Heal is a charming story of old wounds and the chance to start again.  A very hot ménage and a secret or two emerge to make Paws to Heal a fun and carnal were tale worth checking out.


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