Party Vamps by Jennifer North

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419917479

Reviewed by Lisa



Five years ago Caroline ‘Caro’ Connery, a human, left her half-vampire blood mate because the intensity of their relationship was too much for her.  Caro is now a successful party planner and part owner of Party Mavens with her best friend Lenny.  Party Mavens is based in Cleveland but a huge contract with the Stoked Corporation in Chicago will put them on the map.

It seems like forever since Alexander King has been with his blood mate but Alex has used the time wisely and backed away from his vampire father’s enormous business empire to form his own company with a vampiress partner named Sherene.  Now a contract with the Stoked Corporation will be a major kudo.

What will happen when Caro and Alex have to work together after all this time and all their unresolved issues stare them in the face is anyone’s guess.  But, the office is sure to see some fireworks and explosions before the two figure out what they truly want in life and in each other.

Powerful love and explosive sexual encounters showcase Party Vamps by talented author Jennifer North.  A large cast of characters yet they are all vital to this intense romantic paranormal tale.  Party Vamps has something for everyone with scorching hot sex between couples and others, mild BDSM, mild M/M scenes and so much more.  Caro and Alex are wounded, fierce and besotted with each other making them a fascinating couple.  I do wish though that their back and forth miscommunication hadn’t gone on for so long, they started sounding a little whiny.  However, altogether I think Party Vamps is a total blast with great characters, sizzling sex and a solid plotline that you are sure to enjoy.


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