Par 3: Husbands and Wives (and lovers) by Anne Douglas

Loose Id

Contemporary Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-632-3

Reviewed by Willow



After 25 years of marriage, the spark has disappeared from Aaron and Emma’s marriage. The kids are grown and out of the house. They are financially stable and have nothing to worry about there. They have only the two of them. They should be spending more time together. So why is sex almost nonexistent now?

Aaron’s best friend, Silas, drags the problem out of Aaron and then reveals a secret. At one time, he and his wife Joan were having the same problem. They solved it by getting into partner swapping. It fixed their problem and shortly afterwards, Joan was diagnosed with cancer.

Aaron is not so sure he could share Emma with a stranger and Silas has a suggestion for that as well. Why not him? While he is not ready for a new relationship he does miss sex since Joan died. Aaron is game but can they convince Emma to let it happen?

Even after the happily ever after, the story continues. It’s nice to read something that goes beyond the beginning of a love story. Par 3: Husbands and Wives and lovers does that with Aaron and Emma. The need to rekindle the fire they once had in the bedroom is very familiar to a lot of married couples. I think Par 3 might actually be a really good way to re-light that fire…read it with someone YOU want to make sparks with.


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