Outsmarting the Moon by Cheryl Dragon

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN:  9781419914669

Reviewed by Jambrea



Laura Blake is in over her head, or is she?  She has found a cure for Charlie Hiller.  Can they work together to alleviate Charlie’s monster or will the werewolf consume Laura?

Charlie Hiller knows Laura wants him, what he doesn’t know is why she is following him.  When she offers him a cure, will he take it?

Outsmarting the Moon had me howling for more.  I love Cheryl Dragon and she does not disappoint.  Laura rocks.  I mean, how many women do you know who would try to capture a werewolf on the night he is going to change?  Charlie might just make me take that chance.  And Charlie, he really didn’t have a chance once Laura had him in her grasp.

I loved that Ms. Dragon focused on a cure.  Most werewolf stories usually have the wolf change the human and this was a fresh take on the werewolf myth for me, I enjoyed it and I want more.


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