Our Man Friday by Claire Thompson

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary/Ménage

ISBN: 9781605043777

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Cassidy is in love with her ex boyfriend Ian.  While they focus on their friendship and business partnership, she can’t help but continue to love him.  They share a house and their lives but that is all.  Cassidy wants more.

Ian is scared to commit.  Scared of being hurt he pushes away those that mean the most to him; hence why he and Cassidy are now friends instead of the lovers Ian wants them to be. 

Kye McClellan is a gypsy of sorts. A jack of all trades, he enjoys helping out where he is needed.  He never stays in any place too long before he wants to enjoy freedom again.  When he goes home with Cassidy to help her with her business and financial records, Kye never expected to suddenly want a home and hearth.  And that scares the heck out of him. Before he leaves, however, he will try his best to get Ian and Cassidy together in each other’s arms, where they belong not knowing that he will want to be the final part of their triad.

Not a typical ménage romance, Our Man Friday is a bit different.  I am used to having one couple already established prior to inviting a third and so the fact that Ian and Cassidy were just friends was original to me.  Cassidy’s invitation to Kye was a bit far fetched because in this day and age, I don’t see anyone inviting an unknown stranger into their home to sort through and look at financial records.  Kye was hot, I’ll give him that but he angered me more than once the times he left Ian and Cassidy.  Ian and Cassidy’s relationship evolved into something beautiful thanks to Kye. 

Our Man Friday by Claire Thompson is erotic and naughty.  The emotions of the characters are realistic but I just didn’t buy into Kye’s commitment to Ian and Cassidy.  I felt he was gratuitous towards them.  As a ménage, Our Man Friday is scorching hot; as a true love match between all three characters of the ménage? Not so much. I would skip this book unless you are a die hard Claire Thompson fan.



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