Ordinarily Fabulous: The Queen of Cups

by Kiernan Kelly



ISBN: 978-1-60370-424-3 1-60370-424-8 

Reviewed by Raine



As a young man Jonathon Prescott had been taken pity on by Bobby, stage name “Miss Sweet Georgia Peaches” as her protégé. Georgia took Jonathon under her wing and taught him the  dos and don’ts of becoming female performer.

As Jonathon hits the stage as Miss Maya Lure he also becomes an interest to the bouncer, Tony, who Jon has lusted for since he’d met the man. Georgia warns Jon that hearts cannot be super-glued when broken and to choose wisely his companions.

Jon is inexperienced when it comes to men. And it seems he is too young to watch a show in the gay club. But with Miss Georgia’s sweet nature, she sneaks him in the back door. Ordinarily Fabulous: The Queen of Cups seems to be written a little differently than the romances I am used to. I think this is written more like a biography than say a fiction romance would be. We see the transition of an 18 year old to an adult into stage work and finding romance. There is romance and Jon gets his man, just not the one he thought he was after. While this story did not leap off the pages for me, it could for someone else.


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