Opposing Forces by Adrianna Dane

Amber Allure

Amber Quill Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-275-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Years ago two young, idealistic men fell in love and hoped to help the world under the guidance of Dr. Zeus.  Paz Jones has Indian mysticism in his background while Nikki Lozakis has the burning determination to always succeed.

By design or accident Paz and Nikki are gravely injured.  One is almost burned alive and spends years hidden away from the world until he emerges to aid mankind.  This man is named Silverhawk, part of a team called the Silver Saviors.  The other is taken by Dr. Zeus and turned into a half man, half metal and microchip being later named Steele.  He bands together with a small group known as the Rogue Avengers who cause damage and mayhem but never quite go over to the dark side.

Now Steele has Dr. Zeus and plans to seek vengeance against the man who changed him forever but Silverhawk canít let him cross that final line because he still loves him.

Something quite different, Opposing Forces is a special kind of love story.  Both Paz and Nikki are great alpha material with an assistant as added spice.  Opposing Forces has an unusual premise for a plot but somehow manages to stay away from turning into a comic book and showcases a poignant love between two men badly scarred inside and out.  Itís a unique story that will pull your heartstrings given the chance.



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