On Wings Rising by Ann Somerville

Encounters, Book 1

Samhain Publishing

M/M, Fantasy-Angels

ISBN: 978-1-60504-205-3

Reviewed by Raine



Dinun lives in an arrangement with a woman to fit in with society. When he takes off to do some trapping and hunting he never expects to happen upon an injured Angel in trouble. En route Moon and the other Angels he was traveling with are ambushed and their babies stolen from them. Dinum nurses Moon back to health and joins forces with the Angels to locate and retrieve their young.

Dinum is a genuine person. Moon is an Angel who has just been assaulted by someone of Dinumís race and is leery of Dinum. Once trust is established there is chemistry there. Something Dinum has yet to really experience with another man when it is mutual. On Wings Rising is well written fantasy with a great storyline, however I did not enjoy the telepathic speech written for the Angels to express themselves. It was conveyed more as feelings than actual conversation. The Angels did not seem to have a hard time understanding Dinumís speech, yet the thoughts they send to communicate with Dinum come across segmented and broken.


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