Only Pleasure by Lora Leigh

Bound Hearts, Book 10

St. Martin’s Griffin


ISBN-10:  0312368739

ISBN-13: 978-0312368739

Reviewed by Jo



Two years ago, Chase Falladay went to Kia Stanton with two things in mind, first to come up with a way to stop the gossip what was running rampant in certain circles, which was also putting the club at risk and the second was to protect Kia from her husband with all the power the club had.  Once that was done, Chase resolved to stay away from Kia and never to let her know just how much he wanted her.

Kia Stanton barely escaped from some entertainment that her husband had planned without her knowledge and that had her as the centerpiece.  Kia made a mistake by talking to someone she thought was a friend, it was a mistake that Kia has paid for for the last two years.  In those two years, Kia lost the majority of her friends and the wish for a man she once dreamed of.  Now Kia keeps to herself almost exclusively with the exception of her immediate family.

Leaving a party early and just wanting to be left alone but around people, Kia went to a bar.  That night Kia finds Chase and his friend Khalid at the bar and finally surrenders to the pleasure she has only wondered about for the last two years.  Both Kia and Chase believe what they are creating is only for pleasure, however things they both thought were in the past have come back into the present.  Chase let Kia go two years ago, but he is going to fight to keep her with him this time.  When danger from past events threaten Kia, Chase, Khalid and other club members come together so that Kia and Chase can discover that “only” has little to do with the love and pleasure between them.

I have waited for Chase’s book to come out since I finished his brother’s (Wicked Pleasure).  Chase needed to have his happy ever after too, was what I thought.  Only Pleasure did more than just give Chase his happiness.  Ever since starting the Bound Hearts series, I have always known there had to be more behind Kia Stanton’s actions and Ms. Leigh brought that loose end to a fantastic conclusion.  Chase and Kia steamed off the pages and when Khalid was part of the action, erotic does not seem a strong enough word.  Flaming hot is one word I would use, heart breaking is another when I discovered just what Kia had gone through and had to face yet again.  Satisfying is yet another word to describe my reactions and emotions as I finished Only Pleasure.

You don’t have to read the Bound Hearts series in order.  I actually started in the middle, but I can guarantee that you will want to go back and discover just what brought the other couples together and made the friendships so tight.


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