One Wish by Calista Fox

Red Sage


ISBN: 9781603101363

Reviewed by Amelia



Bar owner Jillian Anderson knows things aren’t going her way when she breaks a jar full of dust, then drops a jar of Wickles on top of it. But when she comes back later to clean it up she finds not the mess, but a genie who’s eaten all the tequila-laced pickles that were in the jar Jillian broke.


The genie, Sera, tells Jillian she has one wish. Jillian, thinking this is a joke, wishes for a hot night with photographer Luke Parsons, her sometimes lover. But Sera refuses to let Jillian waste her wish on something “so trivial.” That refusal sets in motion a chain of events in which Jillian learns to open her heart, and she and Luke learn to trust their feelings.


One Wish is a playful story that pulls on your heartstrings. Luke and Jillian are fantastic, true to life characters that spring off the page and into each other’s arms with abandon. I loved watching them learn about themselves, and each other.


As a genie, Sera is great and a lot of fun. One Wish is a keeper.


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