One on One by Cathryn Fox

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60504-376-0

Reviewed by Shayna



For Taylor Dayton, itís heaven and hell having drop-dead-gorgeous Christian Bain as a best friend and neighbor.  It may be wonderful having all those ice cream and movie nights with Christian, but Taylor canít help but want more.  Finally, Taylor decides enough is enough and comes up with a plan to seduce the playboy firefighter of her dreams.

Christian is doing everything he can not to ruin his friendship with Taylor by adding sex into the mix.  But when Taylor shows up on his doorstep needing erotic advice on how to pick up a man, Christianís good intentions go out the window.  When Christian discovers itís him Taylor wants to seduce, the sexy fireman decides itís time to turn the tables.  Taylorís little game is about to get a whole lot hotter.

Better put in a call to your local fire station, because One on One is hot enough to burn!  Cathryn Fox has delivered a sizzling, scintillating romance that made me smile and wish I had a sexy, single fireman living next door.  I love a story where the protagonists are best friends who have been secretly in love with one another but each is unaware of the otherís desire.  Itís so much fun to watch the barriers crumble, and I enjoyed watching that happen for Taylor and Christian.  The only drawback to One on One is that the firemen puns were slightly overdone and there were a few points where the prose was a bit purple for my taste.  Yet, all in all, I found One on One to be a red-hot delight.



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