One Kiss from a Stranger by Penelope Friday

Freya’s Bower


ISBN: 978-1-935013-08-2

Reviewed by Tori



Sylvia is stunned when a man approaches her at a party and mistakes her for someone else.  He kisses her only to be called away before she can find out who the stranger is.   She is in for an even bigger shock when she finds out the mysterious stranger is her new boss.  Now if she can only get beyond his rough exterior. 

Campion is the owner of a software company and he has fallen head over heels for the lovely Sylvia.  He is jealous of the relationship between his brother Isaac and Sylvia.  He also does not know what to do about Sylvia taking care of her sister when she should be working.  How will he be able to be the boss he should be when he just wants to take Sylvia in his arms and kiss her all over again?

One Kiss from a Stranger is a classic romance, good strong characters and for the most part a good plot.  It relies a bit heavily on the misunderstanding plot line, but it just made you want to smack Campion for being that clueless.  In all, he is a classic romance Hero, too stubborn to see what is really going on.  Sylvia does tend to get a bit helpless at times and I kept wondering why she did not hire a nurse to help with her sister as they seemed to be in a higher social circle. Overall, I liked this story a lot.  I would definitely read it again.


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