One Foot Forward by Rose Middleton

Linden Bay Romance


ISBN: 1-905383-45-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Molly will always remember Mick, even if he wasnít one of the hottest men she has met.  For starters he stayed with her when she was trapped in a car, on the day that changed her life.  She has always wanted to thank him but is not sure how.  She finally knows how, she will buy a date with him at a local charity auction.  What better way to have a safe date and benefit a good cause? When Mick asks for more than one date, what will she do?  Is she ready to finally start living life on her terms or hiding parts of herself?

Mick has wondered what happened to the most courageous woman he has ever met, Molly,and is a bit stunned when she buys him at the auction.  He is even more puzzled by his instant attraction to her.  And not in the normal love emí and leave emí way that he sees most women.  Now he is trying to balance his feelings for her against the decisions he made about his life, based on his past.  Will Mick realize the gem he has in Molly or will he throw away something that could be permanent?

I found One Foot Forward sent off a mixture of emotions in me.  I loved the hot firefighter but more than that I loved the determination of Molly, especially when she determined that she could run again.  One of the best things was that Ms. Middleton has created a heroine that we all could look up to; she has not had the easiest of lives.  I was drawn in from the opening scene and didnít want to put the story down until I was done.  I think One Foot Forward was an exciting action packed hot romance, which any romance reader will want to add to their collection.


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