On a Wing and a Wishbone by Sienna Black

Loose Id

Multicultural Paranormal (M/F/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-592-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Takara will do anything to prove her family’s reputation for failure does not apply to her – anything.  But when her boyfriend Ben volunteers her to cook fifty pies for Thanksgiving, Takara is ready to cry in desperation, because how is she supposed to do this by herself?  Or even with Ben’s help?

Ben’s just trying to help Takara live up to her own expectations of not being like the rest of her family.  But this time even his sunny attitude and generous disposition to do anything to help might not be enough to get them through this.

However, when Peter, a strange guy, shows up in Takara’s kitchen and offers to help them make this Thanksgiving something memorable enough to cement Takara’s career it raises both Takara and Ben’s hackles, while unexpectedly turning them both on.

Will Peter convince them that he and his curse are real?  And will they let him help make Takara a success?

On a Wing and a Wishbone is a fun, lightweight comedy that has enough elements of a fairytale to bring up specters of all time favorites with its inclusion of great elements like curses, witches and love that surpasses time and place.  Takara is a great damsel in distress, but with a touch of steel that makes her admirable, instead of weak.  Meanwhile, Ben is your classic good looking hero, but with such good humor to temper his “thick-headedness” that he comes across as a lovable man.  Peter is charming, cursed and absolutely irresistible with his inherent sadness but unrelenting drive to help accomplish the impossible.  When these three are thrown together it makes for an entertaining tale that will sweep you along until the very end.  However, it must be noted that while the tale is a romance it only has a light element of erotic content, making it perfect for those readers that like their romances light and sweet, more than sweaty.  Get On a Wing and a Wishbone for a day when you want a great lighthearted romance!


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